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Ordinance No. 2011-02


Whereas, it is the avowed policy of the City Government of the City of Alaminos to promote the general welfare of its constituents and safeguard their health,safety and interest of the same.It is but imperative to enact statutes in order to establish policies,rules and regulations for the protection of its people with regard to the conduct of livestock production and other analogous industries as well as veterinary and other related activities in the city. It is the desire of the City Government of the City of Alaminos to incorporate all pertinent laws and ordinances unto a single and simple yet comprehensive paper for reference of all stakeholders of the industry.


Be it enacted by the Sangguniang Panlungsod in session assembled, that:


Article 1. Title and Scope


Section 2. Scope. - This Chapter shall cover all matters pertinent to the care control and custody of animals including regulations for the distribution of livestock and poultry produce for consumer consumption, within the territorial jurisdiction of Alaminos City.

Article 2. Definition of Terms

Section 3. Definition of Terms.
- For the purpose of this Chapter, the following terms shall be understood in the sense indicated therein:

(1) Adulterated Meat refers to meat/meat products in a state of decay or past their stated date of expiration by which they are not expected to retain their claimed safety,quality and wholesomenes and no longer persmissible for consumption or sale (Republic Act No.9296,section 4, number 3);
(2) Animal Breeder shall refer to a person or entity engaged in the commercial breeding of animals;
(3) Ante-Mortem Inspection refers to inspection of live animals prior to its slaughter;
(4) Aquatic Produce shall include food derived from the sea or freshwater i.e. fish, shellfish, crustacean,etc.
(5) Avian Influenza (AI) refers to the infectious disease in chickens, ducks and other birds caused by different subtypes of influenza A virus;
(6) Basin a wide, shallow container for liquid,any shallow,rounded hallow,often containing water;
(7) "Bultohan" System shall refer to the method of assessing the value of livestock based on estimated body weight;
(8) Bitten refers to an act by which a dog seizes, cuts or grips with its teeth so that the skin of a person has been wounded, pierced or scratched;
(9) Carcass is the dead body of an animal after bleeding;
(10) Citation Ticket document tonotify an offender of a particular infraction/violation of existing city ordinances on sanitation and/or environmental protection and the corresponding penalty/s thereof;
(11) CVO City Veterinary Office;
(12) Concerned Officals refers to barangay officials, health workers ,police officers or government veterinarians;
(13) Diseased Meat shall refer to meat/meat products derived from a sick anmial or with a pathological abnormality;
(14) Domestic Animals shall include but not limited to : dog, cat, goat,rabbit,bird,carabao,cattle and pig;
(15) Double-dead Meat refers to carcasses, parts thereof, of food animals or poultry that are already dead,t but are still slaughtered and offered for sale to the public;
(16) Drug Residue the remaining substances such as drugs in the tissues and organs of the animals after being used as prophylactic or therapeutic treatment;
(17) Direct Supervision refers to range supervision where physical presence of the veterinarian within the barangay is necessary; (18) Dog refers to a common quadruped domestic animal belonging to the order carnivore (male or female) scientifically known as canis familiaris;
(19) Dealer shall generally refer to one who buys livestock for the purpose of reselling it for profit;
(20) Endangered Animal refers to animal that is facing extremely high risk of extinction in the wild;
(21) Exotic Animal means animals, which do not naturally occur in the country;
(22) Exotic Birds any birds species or subspecies which do not naturally time/found in the Philippines;
(23) Euthanasia refers to the process of painless death to dogs and other animals;
(24) Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) refers to an infectious disease in cows,pigs,or other cloven footed animals known as apthovirus caused by a virus;
(25) Owl/Poultry includes marketable broilers,culls,day old chicks,pullets,game fowls, native chickens, ducks,hatching eggs,hobby birds or birds of any kind;
(26) Farmer shall refer to one who directly sells fattened livestock to buyers and dealers or buys it at the market for fattening,stock replacement, breeding or work purposes;
(27) Handler shall refer to a person engaged in livestock trading as an employee/intermediary/agent of either the farmer or the dealer;
(28) Hot Meat shall refer to meat (botya) from food animals and poultry ,clandestinely slaughtered in places not authorized by law or have not undergone examination or inspection by meat inspectors duly authorized by the National Meat Inspection Commission or Local Government Unit, and sold to the public. This shall include the prohibited dog and cat meat; (29) Impound refers to seize and hold in custody of the law;
(30) Label/Labeling a display of written,printed or graphic matter upon the immediate containter (not including package liners) of any articles;
(31) Maltreat is to treat animal with cruelty;
(32) Meat Borne Disease disease that can develop after consumption of contaminated meat;
(33) Meat Control Officer a Veterinarian from the National Meat Inspection Commission who

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