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Long, long time ago, this place was a forested area where giant trees abound. It is like a virgin forest with different species of plants can be seen.

Time elapsed and the Spaniards came to the Philippines. Little by little, the number of settlers have multiplied. As the years passed by, the dwellers chose their own leader which they called “cabeza de Barangay” or head of the community. The first to be named cabeza de Barangay was Gregorio Villanueva, followed by Benito Villaruz and then Paer Soliven.

The main livelihood of the people then is planting rice, corn and different kinds of vegetables. Many of the men also have other means of livelihood like gathering firewood and tree trunks which they cut with handsaws and sold as lumber. This way of earning a living can be derived the name of the place.

There was once a very big mango tree in a high elevated place and due to its size cast a wide shade. The men constructed a long platform, under the shade, to saw the logs they have gathered. They call it “Tanggadan” (a place to rest) in Ilokano dialect and in Pangasinan, a variation of “Tangkaran.” This place was eventually made the working site of the lumberjacks because of its whole day shade. Even when it rains, the road going there is still accessible with its elevation and the path is not muddy.

All who frequently visit the place to ply their trade have thought of building their dwellings their. Soon their number grew and so was the population. Even if this place is just a sitio of Barangay Alos before, there were already leaders of the community by the names of Bernardo Soliven, Francisco Rivera, Thomas Fernandez (during the Japanese occupation). Though a sitio so to speak, a traditional yearly fiesta was celebrated in honor of their Patron Saint Isabel.

In 1952, by means of a Republic Act, the place was eventually converted into a Barangay. A community school was then established in this year even though until grade four level only. It is during this year also that the name of Barangay Tangcarang was enacted and confirmed.

The first “Little Mayor” to manage the affairs of the Barangay was Marcelino Sarmiento followed by Apolinario Guillermo who served in the capacity of a Barangay captain already.

The election that was conducted before the Martial Law (1972) was won by Venencio Soliven as the Barangay Captain, followed by Pedro Abella and then Gloria Cuello.

After the Martial Law, another election was conducted in 1989. Jimmy Sarmiento was proclaimed the new Barangay captain as he garnered the highest vote during the election of councilors until this date. (Note: During this election after the Martial Law, the ruling was that all candidates would vie for the position of Barangay council member. The COMELEC will choose only eight and the candidate who will have the highest vote shall serve as the Barangay Captain). Jimmy Sarmiento won in re-elections undefeated and this is his last term.

tangcarang barangay captain

Barangay Captain: Melinda Dolor

Sangguniang Barangay:
Mercedes Cortez
Herminihildo Abarra
Ronaldo Campos
Edna Esguerra
Linsey Ancheta
Romeo Bangal
Epifanio Dudas
Lyndon John Reyes

Barangay Captain:

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No. of Households: 391
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