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Map of Alaminos City

The City of Alaminos is a joy to explore with family, with friends or alone. And though its pretty safe and easy to travel in, it’s best to have a handy, travel-friendly guide at your side that will help you find the best of the city’s sights and quirks and enjoy the maximum amount of fun it has to offer.

Check out the city’s map, and plan the best route with its list of the different barangays distributed around the city, each uniquely chraming and inviting. Breeze through the highway, guided accurately towards the remarkable natural, historical and cultural parks and sites. Suffer no inconvenience with the comprehensive list and locations of quality accommodations and restaurants, fuel stations, recreational areas and sports facilities and more. No worries of getting lost with a portable, comprehensive map and friendly, helpful Alaminians helping you find your way and making sure that you savor your vacation around the city.