Early Settlers

The City of Alaminos was first founded in 1734 by a group of Zambals led by a man known only as Suyang. This group left the mountains of their native province of Zambales amd journeyed north in search of a new home on lowlands near the seas. The settlement, located at a small plain at a slope of a hill facing the sea, was named Suyang and fishing became the settlers' main source of livelihood.

Suyang was reestablished by Don Gaspar Montoya, Don Nicolas de San Jose, Don Domingo de Guzman, Don Nicolas Purificacion and others. In 1735, the people of Barrio Suyang built their church, convent and a tribunal house. They subscribed for the acquisition of the image of the Patriarch St. Joseph as patron of the barrio. At first, the settlers considered their new home a paradise. Aside from the bounty that the sea brought them, the place commands a panoramic view of Capurwapurwan and Cabaruyan Islands (now known as Hundred Islands and Anda, respectively).

The settlers soon lost their leader, Montoya,to sickness. Typhoons also frequented the area and they suffered a continuous pestilence on their livestock. All these unfortunate events were blamed on evil spirits and they decided to leave the place.