Costal Vegetation Habitats

The City has a thriving coastal habitat dominated by seagrasses, mangroves and coral reefs. Most of the mangroves are found as strips on the perimeters of fishponds and along the river banks. Reforestation efforts in 1999 and 2005 in Telbang resulted in a wide area of young mangroves currently protected by the City Agriculture Office. Adjacent to this reforested area are natural secondary mangroves composed of interspersing male and female or Bakawan Lalake and Bakawan Babae (Rhizopora Spp.), and Bongalon ( Avecennia Spp.). Another reforested site in Brgy. Bued has led to the introduction of additional species Pagatpat ( Sonneratia Spp.)

As shown in the table (Estimated Area of Coastal Habitat Cover From Satellite Image)   mangroves cover approximately 23.90 hectares, seagrass beds is   about 643.30 hectares and corals by about  6.30 hectares as per report from the Sagip Lingayen Gulf Project of the UP-Marine Science Institute in CY 2008.