Land Area

Based on land classification, the City of Alaminos has a total land area of 16,623.39 hectares classified and broken down as follows: Alienable and Disposable Land 14,486.14 hectares; Forestland-555.955 hectares and Fishpond Development – 1,581.30 has. Forestland is further subdivided and broken down as Classified Forest – 257.999 has, Hundred Islands National Park -185.956 has and Forest Reservation -112 has.

Based on the cadastral survey however, total land area is about 15,514.69 has of which seven out of the 39 barangays are considered urban with a total land area of about 3,486.55 has under the  revised definition of the National Statistical Coordination Board of urban and rural barangays. (Urban-Rural Barangays Map, Land Area Distribution by Barangay by Urban-Rural Classification)