Status of Ambient Air Quality

Based from the 2008 Assessment Report on Ambient Air Quality Monitoring conducted by the DENR-Environmental Management Bureau Regional Office 1, the report revealed that the level of Ambient Air Quality within the City of Alaminos varies from Good to Fair. Using the  computed Total Suspended Particles (TSP)  expressed in micrograms per normal cubic meter       ( ug/Ncm) as a parameter, air quality indices was further categorized based on the following range of indices as follows: Good (0- 81); Fair (81-230); Unhealthy (231-349); Very Unhealthy; (350-599);  Acutely Unhealthy (600-899)  and Emergency (900 and Above). Based on the study conducted,  TSP was reduced from  353 ug/Ncm in 2004  to 140 in 2008    (Ambient Air Quality Indices 2004-2008 )