Enrollment Profile

For SY 2012-2013, there are about 24, 617 that are enrolled in kindergarten, elementary and high schools both in the public and private schools that are established in the City. Out of this enrollees, about nine (9) percent are in the kindergarten, 57% are in the elementary schools and about 33% are in high schools ( Total Enrollment by Grade Level by School Year, Public and Private). Public Schools account about 87% of the total enrollees and the rest 13% are enrolled in the public schools.

On the average, the total enrollment in SY 2012-2013  increased by 13% from the level in SY 2003-2004. The biggest increased happened with the kindergarten class at 76% for public and private schools combine. Corollary to this, it can be observed that enrollees for the kindergarten in public schools increased by 120%  for the same period.

While on the average, private schools account 31% of the total enrollees, their participation for elementary and high schools only reached to about eight (8) percent and 19 percent respectively (Enrollment Ratio in Elementary School by School Year, Enrollment Ratio in Secondary School  by School Year, Enrollment Ratio in Kindergarten by School Year).