Household Distribution by Barangay

Based on the 1990 Census, there are about 11,777 total number of households in Alaminos (Total Number of  Households By Year by Barangay and By Data Source). During the conduct of the  Registry System for Basic Sectors of Agriculture(RSBSA) Survey in 2012, it appears that the number of households has reached to about 19,498 or an increase of about 66% in a  span of 22 years or an average growth rate of about 3 percent per year. Based on the RSBSA Survey, almost 80% of the households belong to the agriculture sector.

Meanwhile, it appears that there were four barangays that have exhibited a 100% average growth rate on the number of households from 1995 to 2012. These are barangays Bolaney (114%), Macatiw (116%) and Pocal-pocal (103%) (Household Growth Rate 1995 to 2012 By Barangay)