Household’s Source of Water for Drinking and Cooking

As per result of the census conducted in 2000, out of the 15,257 households, it appears that 26%  of the households have their own faucets which is also the same condition in the CBIS 2006. It  is interesting to note however that from a 120 households that uses mineral or bottled water in 2000, the number increased to 1260 or an increase of 950% in 2006. On the otherhand,   the number of households that use dugwell as a source has increased from 547 to 1005 or about 84% increase (Summary of Household’S Source of Water Supply for Drinking and/or Cooking)

In 2006, while 24% of the 17,821 households have an owned faucet as a source of water, there is still 30% that use a shared tube piped well while there are about 1000 households that source their water from dug wells, rain and spring.

Among the barangays that have difficulty of potable water supply are barangays Polo, Tangcarang, Polo and Pangapisan where more than 100 households get their  source of  water supply thru a combination of peddlers, dugwells and river  and stream and rain.