Performance Indices

The summary of difference performance indicators that covered the SY 2003-2004 to SY 2011-2012 covering both the elementary and secondary is shown in the figure. (Average Performance for Elementary and Secondary Public Schools from 2003 to 2012).

As shown, the average Gross Enrollment Rate which is defined as  “the total enrolment in a given level of education, regardless of age, as a percentage of the population who according to national regulations should be enrolled at this level”,  from 2003 to 2012 was estimated at 95.60 and 82.88 percent for elementary and secondary respectively. This means that there at least 5 school children that are not enrolled in elementary while 18 for the secondary based on the total enrollment figure. Among the school year, the lowest rate happened during SY 2008-2009 where GER for secondary was at 78.38% (Gross Enrollment Participation Rate by School Year).

However, the Net Enrollment Participation Rate (NEPR) which is defined as “the  ratio of the enrolment for the age group corresponding to the official school age in the elementary/secondary level to the population of the same age group in a given year”  has shown a lower figure  as compared to the GER at 82.98% and 64.88% for elementary and secondary respectively. NEPR for elementary is higher as compared to that of the Secondary (Net Enrollment Participation Rate by School Year).

For Cohort Survival Rate, it would appear that on the average, about 20 pupils enrolled out of 100 enrollees six years ago for elementary can not survive until Grade 6. On the otherhand, for secondary, there are at least 22 enrollees per 100 enrollees in First Year that can’t survive until Fourth Year in High School. For SY 2011-2012, it appears that Cohort Survival Rate both for elementary and secondary  markedly improve from the SY 2010-2011 by at least 14% and 10% respectively (Cohort Survival Rate by School Year).

As far as completion rate is concerned or the capability to finish their classes enrolled in each school year, it appears that on the average from SY 2002-2003 to 2011-2012,  78 out 100 enrolled  in the elementary the current school year can complete the schooling. This also holds true for secondary at 76%. (Completion Rate Per School Year).