Performance in the National Achievement Test

On the average, elementary outperformed their counterparts from the secondary for the National Achievement Test from the result of the NAT given from SY 2007-2008 to SY 2012-2013 with an average Mean Percentile Score of 70.41 and 53.57 respectively. These is especially so for Math and Filipino where the difference is about 22  percentage points.

For elementary, for SY 2012-2013,  there is a decline of performance for English Math and Science (National Achievement Test Results-Elementary) from the level attained for SY 2011-2012.  During these periods, there are only seven instances where elementary pupils got a Mean Percentile Score higher than 75%.

For the Secondary level, the  SY 2007-2008 that shows the best performance (National Achievement Test Results-Secondary). From SY 2007-2008 to 2011-2012, average Mean Percentile Score is about 53.57% which is very low to the desired level of 75%.