Population Distribution by Marital Status for 15 years old and over by Barangay

Based on the result of the survey of community based information system conducted in 2006, there are about 50,696 representing 63.54% of the total population that are within 15 years old and above.  Broken down by marital status. 42% are single, 45% are married, 5.29 are living-in and the rest were either widower or separated.  Further, with the number of records processed, Poblacion and Lucap accounts for the most number of individuals  that are living-in without the benefit of marriage (Married Marital Status Distribution By Gender and Barangay, Distribution of Live-in Individuals by Barangay)

On the otherhand, based on the result of the census conducted in 2007 by the National Statistics Office,  it appears that there are about 2,898  (5%) individuals living-in together out of the 60,543 household population 10 years old and over. This is prevalent within the 25-29 years old bracket.
Meanwhile, Poblacion accounts for the most number of individuals in CY 2006 either widow or widower (Barangay Poblacion Accounts for the Most Number of Widow/Widower in CY 2006)