Poverty Situation in the City of Alaminos

Official Poverty estimates in the City was derived from the 2003 City and Municipal Poverty
Estimates and the 2009 City and Municipal-Level Small Area Poverty Estimates conducted by
the National Statistics Coordination Board with funding support from World Bank, and AusAid.
As far as the City of Alaminos is concerned, there is a reduction of about 0.86 percentage point
from 20.76 % in 2003 to 19.90 in 2009, the lowest among LGUs in Pangasinan (Change in
Poverty Incidence of Population By LGUs in Pangasinan
). This figure also showed that the
municipality of Bani has the highest reduction of poverty incidence.

Meanwhile, it also appears that there are LGUs whose poverty incidence has increased and
these includes Alcala, Asingan, Balungao, Bautista, Dagupan City, Labrador, Manaoag,
Mapandan and Sison (Poverty Incidence of Population Among Pangasinan LGUs from 2003 to
, Map of Poverty Incidence of Population in Pangasinan in 2003, Map of Poverty Incidence
of Population in Pangasinan in 2009

Meanwhile, the result of the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction
(NHTSPR) conducted by the Department of Social Welfare and Development Office in 2009
showed that out of the 9,767 households interviewed and assessed in the City, it was found
out that there were about 4,422 households that were considered poor based on the
parameters of the NHTS (NHTS Results for Alaminos). However, this figure might be higher
since areas that were only considered for the survey are those area where there is a pocket of
poverty as identified by the City Social Welfare and Development Office, the guideline set
forth by the Program.

Nevertheless, this figure represents 1.78% share of the City to the Region’s 247,882
households that were identified as poor. Likewise, this survey also showed that the City of
Alaminos ranks 9th among the LGUs in Pangasinan that has a considerable number of
households considered poor as per NHTS. (NHTS Top 20 LGUs in Pangasinan).