Poverty Situation in the National Level

In 2012, a Filipino family of five (5) needed P 5,513.00 average monthly income to buy their
Minimum Basic Food Needs and P 7,890.00 monthly to include Other Minimum Basic Needs
(Food and Poverty Threshold at the National Level).

Poverty incidence among families in 2012 stands at 19.70 per cent, a 0.3 percentage points
decrease from the 2009 level but a 29.7 percentage points decrease from the 1991 level.
(Subsistence and Poverty Incidence Among Families at the National Level).

Despite increase in the number of families, the magnitude of extreme poor families stands at
1.61 M while magnitude of poor families stands at 4.21 M (Magnitude of Subsistence Poor and
Poor Families at the National Level

In 2012, on the average, a poor family of five members needed a monthly additional income of
P 2,067.00 to move out of poverty or 26.42 % of the poverty threshold ( Poverty Gap at the
National Level