Poverty Situation in Region I

In 2012, the regions of Autonomous Muslim Mindanao, Region 8 and Region 12 were found to
be the poorest having a poverty incidence among families 48.7%, 37.4% and 37.1% respectively.
Region I on the other hand have a poverty incidence of 14.0 %, making it the top four among
the regions of the country that has the lowest poverty incidence rate (Regional Poverty

Comparing among the 17 regions, it would appear that only CARAGA Region has posted a
significant decrease on poverty incidence from 2009 to 2012 at 14.2 percentage points. Region I
meanwhile was able to reduced its poverty incidence by 2.8 percentage points from 16.8% in
2009 to 14 in 2012. (Regional Poverty Reduction Performance)

In contrast, Regions that have shown an increased in poverty incidence among families from
2009 to 2012 includes ARMM and Region 12 at 8.8% and 6.3% respectively (Regions With
Significant Increase in Poverty Incidence