Vital Health Indices

The City Health Office has reported that from 2004 to 2010, no maternal death has  ever recorded in the City. On the otherhand, infant mortality increased from 0 in 2004 to 10.03 in 2010. On the average, crude death rate and crude birth rate stands at 5 and 24 per 1,000 populations from the same period (Crude Death and Birth Rate per 1000 Population 2004-2010).

Malnutrition among Children and Pre-School Children substantially decreased from 2005 to 2012 (No. of Children with BNVL/BNL 2005-2010). From as high as 25.68%  and 22.10% among Children and Pre-School Children respectively this went down to 9.35% and 3.73%  in CY 2011(Prevalence of Malnutrition  Among Children and Pre-School Children).

As far as immunization of children is concerned, the City Health Office has reported that for 2009,  proportion of children fully immunized and one year old children immunized with measles stands at 110 % and 107 % respectively.

On the average, there are about 2,00 births per year in the City during the period  2008 to 2010. For the year 2009,  the proportion of birth conducted in a health facilities is 59% while proportion of births attended by  skilled health personnel stands at 94%. Contraceptive prevalence rate however,  stands at 64% during the same period (Vital Health Indices Table)