Area Devoted for Crop Production

As a result of the orthophoto mapping project conducted in 2006 and by employing GIS Technology, with the exception of the Alo Island and the Hundred Islands National Park,  it is estimated that there about 7,322.11 has devoted for rice production. Out of this area, about 2,809 has is irrigated while area for rainfed is about 4,515 hectares. Barangays San Vicente and Linmansangan has the most extensive area devoted to  rice production which is more than 500 hectares and the most extensive area served by existing irrigation systems.  Meanwhile it is also estimated that about 1,644.48 has is being use for pasture while mango land and shrubland accounts to about 110 has and 270 has respectively  (Total Rice Production Area By Barangay, Irrigated Rice Land Map, Rainfed Rice Land Map, Mango Land and Shrub land Map, Pasture Land Map)

 As per report of the City Agriculture Office, average palay productivity per hectare for rainfed is about 4.2 MT  while irrigated lands is about 5.2 MT.  Meanwhile, aside from the National Food Authority that buys palay from farmers, there are about eight other palay buying stations that also operates in the City.