Farm Machineries and Post Harvest Facilities

The City, thru the years, has embarked in modernizing its agriculture sector. In partnership with the
Department of Agriculture and other national government agencies and private institutions, it has
promoted extensively the use of farm machineries, provided irrigation facilities and post harvest
facilities as well.

As per report of the City Agriculture Office for 2010, there are about 395 irrigation systems that are
operating in the City. This is broken down as follows: Shallow Tube Well (31), Small Water Impounding
Project (129), Small Farm Reservoir (41), Deepwell (32) and NIA/CIS Pump (162). Those installed thru the
NIA/CIS accounts about 41. (Summary of Irrigation and Post Harvest Facilities).

With regards to their distribution, barangays Cabatuan, Bolaney and Palamis ranks first, second and
third respectively where most of these facilities are installed (Inventory of Irrigation System and
Distribution By Barangay

With regards to farm equipments, the latest CAO inventory shows that there are about 1.059 farm
equipments where hand tractors accounts to about 55%, threshers to about 25%, 4-wheel tractors at
8%. Barangays San Vicente, Balangobong and Telbang have the most number of farm machineries.
(Inventory of Farm Equipments and Distribution By Barangay).

In terms of post-harvest facilities, there are about 143 post harvest facilities broken down as follows;
ricemills-25, multi-purpose drying pavement-78 and seven (7) flatbed driers. Barangays Maawi, Palamis,
Linmansangan and Quibuar that have the highest number of post harvest facilities (Inventory of Post
Harvest Facilities