Fisheries Production

In terms of production, the City Agriculture Office has reported that total fishery catch for  motorized and non-motorized capture in 2006 stands at 1,092 MT and 200 MT respectively within the City’s 11,551 marine coastal areas. Meanwhile during the same period, aquaculture production has reached to about 7,261 MT where fishpond accounts about 45% and fish cage accounts for about 52%.

In 2011, the 527 units of motorized fishing boats has able to produce 1,264.8 MT generating an average fish catch of 12 kg per day. On the other hand, 142 units of non-motorized motorboats has generated a production estimated at 255.6 MT by about 364 fishermen  generating an average fish catch at 10 kg per day.

Meanwhile, total fish production for aquaculture/mariculture in 2011  reached to about 8,000 MT.