It is worthy to note the number of tourists that visited the Hundred Islands National Park increased thru the years (Tourist Arrivals  in the Hundred Islands National Park By Year). The number reached its peak when it broke the 180,000 mark.  While tourist arrivals increased, almost 95% are locals and most of them are week end tourists where they only come during Fridays to Sundays

Meanwhile, in 2012,  total number of rooms increased from 325 to 344 from that level in 2010. Correspondingly, the number of capacity also increased from 1,327 to 1,437 during the same period which was brought about by new investments in motels/inns and transient houses with an increase capacity of 36% and 13% respectively. In terms of motorboat that ferry tourists to the hundred islands, the number increased from 216 in 2008 to 298 in 2012 . Large type of motorboats has  the highest number of increase (50%), followed by medium (30%) and small (25%) (Indicators for Tourism Sub-Sector).

Aside from the Hundred Islands National Park, other sites and area can still be developed for tourism purposes in the City (Inventory of Existing Tourists Attractions).