Facilities for Maintaining Public Order and Safety

Alaminos City is a peaceful community. The new Alaminos City Police Station is strategically located in a compound with the 106 Mobile Group along the national road before entering the Central Business District (CBD). It was relocated to give ample space, mobility and visibility for the police force. The 2-storey concrete building was being funded out from the local development funds of the City. There are also police outpost at the entrance/exit of the city and at the CBD.

Considering the undermanned police force with the Citys' growing population, the City government through an ordinance created the Public Order and Safety Office as a force multiplier. They assist in the maintenance of peace and order in the City including the safeguarding of our City waters from illegal fishing and other illegal activities. The office now occupy the old City police station at the back of the Ccity hall. Bantay Dagat detachments were also located each at the Bolo Beach and Lucap Wharf.

The fire protection unit of Alaminos City is house in a Bureau of Fire Protection Building located between the Regional Trial Courts building and the Don Leopoldo Sison covered auditorium. It occupy an area of about 384 sq. m. donated by the city government of Alaminos.

Complementing the police and fire fighting personnel are barangay tanods who maintain peace and order at the barangay level. Each barangay has a barangay hall building which serves as their station.