Government Administrative Buildings

There are numerous government buildings including already established in the City(Selected Government Building Landmarks Map) . Foremost of which is the Alaminos City Hall Building is located at the center of the city. The 2-storey edifice house the offices of the Executive Department of the local government of Alaminos City except the City Health Office and the City Social Welfare and Development Office which are conveniently located at the Rural Health Center and Senior Citizen Building, respectively.

There is also the Legislative Building that house the Legislative Department located at the Plaza Agapito Braganza, just across the city hall. Beside it, is the ABC Building that house the offices of the national government agencies of the Commission on Election, the Department of Agrarian Reform and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

In addition, there is also the Maria Valdez-Cornelio Techno-Demo Farm in Brgy. Tangcarang which serves as a demonstration of the latest technology in Agriculture. Complementing the demonstration, is the Bayanihan Center for Rural Development (BCRD) which is a training center located in Brgy. Bolaney.

On the otherhand, each barangay has a Barangay Hall Building which serves as the seat of government at the barangay level.