Irrigation Systems

Irrigation facility is the life blood of agricultural development. Thus, the government has given priority towards this to address shortfall on production in the agricultural sector. In Alaminos, there are seven (7) types of irrigation facilities (Summary of Irrigation Systems)

Foremost of which is  the National Irrigation Authority (NIA) system , composed of PAED-ALOS Irrigation System, CONCONEG Irrigation System and the QUITABA Irrigation System, servicing a potential area of 595 hectares. Complementing the NIS are the Communal Irrigation Systems with a potential service area of 141 hectares. Supporting these irrigation systems are series of Diversion Dams along the Alaminos River and its tributaries (Map of Dam Facilities) that have a potential service area of 554 hectares.

But a significant type of irrigation system that the City has are Shallow Tube Wells(STW)/ Low Lift Pump(LLP) with a total number of 265 units  and a potential service area of 837 hectares.  However, majority of these are privately- owned. Nonetheless, combining all the irrigation facilities, the City  has a total potential service area of 2,344 hectares or approximately 23 % of the total agricultural area.