Roads, Bridges and Port

As of CY 2012, and by employing Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology, it is estimated that total length of the City’s road network is about 464.7 KM (Road Network Map). Distributed by type of administration, national road is about 27.32 km (5.88%), city road is about 12.63 km (2.72%), barangay road registered and not registered is about 412.24 km (88.71%), sub-division road is about 10.86 km (2.34%) and private road is about 1.65 km (0.35%).

In terms of pavement type, gravel accounts for about 174.97 km (37.65%), concrete paved is about 143.7 km (30.94%), asphalt is about 20.73  (4.46 %)  and earth is about  125.24 (26.95%)  (Summary of Road Network by Pavement Type by Type of Administration, Road Network Map by Type of Administration, Road Network Map by Pavement).

As of  CY 2012, there are about 73 “bridges “ that included  culverts and spillways (Map of Bridges and Spillways). However, based on the report submitted by the City Engineers Office to the Department of Public Works and Highways, there are about 45 city bridges with a total length of about 657.84 linear meters and at least 6  national bridges with a total  length of 169.10 linear meters that were already established in the City.

Classified according to their make, about 18 units are Reinforced Concrete Deck Girder  (RCDG)  having a total length of  465.7 linear meter, 22 are Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert (RCBC) having a total length of  118.84 linear meter and  eight units of steel bridge with a total length of 118.24 linear meters.  To date, there is still two bridges that are still made of timber and these are Dulacac Bridge No.  2 in Dulacac and Bantolino Bridge in Maawi (Map of timber bridges)

The City has five (5) existing ports (Map of Port Facilities). There are four (4) Fish Landings  located at the coastal barangays of Pangapisan, Lucap, Telbang and Victoria while the Lucap Wharf area acts as the primary  jump- off point to the Hundred Islands National Park  where the terminal of motorboats ferrying passengers to and from the National  As to ports, the City has e