Alaminos City’s telephone services is being provided by PLDT-SMART after the sale of its franchise of Digitel. Cellular phone services is being provided by Smart, Globe, Talk and Text, Touch Mobile, Sun Celluar and Red Mobile thru network provided by PLDT and Globe. To date, there are about cell sites that have already been established around the City (Map of Existing Cell Sites) that virtually eradicated dead spots in the City. On top of this, PLDT and Globe has already laid down their fiber optics cable to provide higher bandwidth and other value added services.

To accelerate internet access and inter connectivity in the barangays especially the public schools , the City invested its own wireless infrastructure using radio thru its Wireless Internet Connectivity Project. To date, all the 43 of the 45 public elementary schools were already provided with connectivity (WINGS Project Map).

Complementing these facilities are three radio stations, two print media, four postal service providers and one cable network operator.