Power in the City is being provided by PANELCO I an electric cooperative which now operates under the principles of cooperative where the utility is owned by the consumers themselves. All of the 39 barangays are now energized and for the year CY 2012, there are now about 14,615 member consumers that were provided with electricity or a household energized at around 75% (Percentage of Households Served by PANELCO By Barangay)

Meanwhile, comparing the 2010 , the number of consumers in CY 2012 shows an increase both for the households and commercial type of connections while the number of industrial connections decreases. (Comparative Data on  Household Connections Per Year, Comparative Data on  Commercial Connections Per Year, Comparative Data on  Industrial Connections Per Year)

As of CY 2012, In terms of average power consumptions, all the three major type of consumers have shown a decreased in power consumptions as compared to that level in CY 2010 especially the industrial consumers (Total Annual Power Consumption KWH and Distribution by Type of Connectivity)