Annual Revenues Collections

The City has three major sources of revenue collections and these are the General Fund, Special Education Fund and Trusts and Donations. From 2007 to 2012, the General Fund accounts on the average about 96% of the total revenue collected during the period (Summary of Revenue Collections by Source by Year) . On the average, revenue collections increased by about six (6%) annually. In terms of fund sources for the General Fund, about 77% comes from the Internal Revenue Allotment share (Major Source of Revenue for the General Fund By Year). As far as local revenues is concerned, Other Income and Business Tax and Permits accounts on the average, about 30% and 28% of the total local revenue collected by the City. (Percentage Share of Various Sources to the  Local Revenue by Year)

In terms of IRA dependency, from 2004 to 2012, the LGU collects one peso (P 1.00) for every P 5.00 IRA received from the national government. In the same period, the City spent an average of about P 234 M annually where Personnel Services accounts about 43%, Maintenance and Other Operating Expense share is about 41% while Capital Outlay comprises about 16%(Actual Expenditures by Expense Class).