Integrated Coastal Resource Management

Resource Conservation and Enhancement.

Mangrove Reforestation. The city has established two (2) mangrove nurseries (Bued and Sabangan) to cater to the planting needs of the mangrove reforestation and enhancement program. It has reforested 22 hectares with an average reforestation rate of three (3) hectares per year. Fifteen (15) hectares have been adopted by groups from the academe, business sector and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for Corporate Social Responsibility.

This initiatives has caught the eye of Shore it Up, the country’s longest running corporate-backed environment program, spearheaded by MVP group of companies. To date, a mangrove propagation & information center will be put up in Brgy. Bued, in partnership with Metro Pacific Investments Corporation.

Fish Sanctuary Management. This 34-hectare sanctuary in Brgy. Telbang protects and enhances the biodiversity and fish stock in the area.

Coral reef and seagrass bed protection

River Management Program. The city signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Bued Brgy. Council and Alaminos City National High School thru its Youth for Environment in Schools Organization in riverbank strengthening activities like mangrove planting & coastal clean-up .
The Bued River is a Consistent Awardee in the Provincial Search for Cleanest River and Riverbank (Barangay Category).

Fishery Regulation Management

The city strictly implements Fishery Laws and has passed its own Comprehensive Fishery Code (Ordinance No.2009-04). It also ensures the compliance with the Coastal Zonation of the city waters for efficient and equitable use of marine water.

The City Agriculture Office-Fishery Section enforces a Fisherfolk Registration System and Licensing of fishing boats, fishery structure and fishing gears. Its Bantay Dagat has also strengthened its coastal monitoring and surveillance and apprehend fisherfolks who use illegal and destructive fishing methods and gears.

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