Solid Waste Management

Policy Support. The city enacted environmental policies like Zero Waste Ordinance and Anti-littering Ordinance to sustain its various environmental programs and projects. It has also institutionalized its Solid Waste Management Board and laid out its ten-year Solid Waste Management Plan.

Waste Management Program. This includes the procurement of equipment and machineries for the production of organic fertilizer (shredder, mixer, carbonizer, sifter) and the acquisition of garbage trucks and garbage bins.

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) donated an organic shredder and plastic pulverizer, which will be used for the production of bricks and hollow blocks. These bricks and hollow blocks are now being used for the city's parks and plazas and surrounding catwalks in the central business district.

Organic Fertilizer Production. Farmers were trained and eventually adopted the Vermicomposting technology. The city distributed vermiworms (African night crawlers) to barangay elementary schools, Alaminos City National High School, organic farmers, and even a senior citizens group.

Material Recovery Facility. All barangays have established MRFs and together with the city government, implements a strict and regular garbage collection.

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